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Kimber K6s  -  Relic


Ruger Vaquero



Smith & Wesson XVR  .460 Magnum


Smith & Wesson M629Trailboss .44Mag


Ruger Blackhawk


Smith & Wesson .357


Ruger GP100 .357 Mag


1851 Model Navy Black Powder Revolver Reproduction,
Brass Frame, Blued Barrel  .44 caliber.




A Ruger Blackhawk barrel with the old warning sanded off and the name relettered.


Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum



Smith & Wesson Model 60


North American Arms  .22 short


North American Arms .22 mag Buntline


North American Arms Ranger


Smith & Wesson Model 64


North American Arms .22 magnum


North American Arms .22 LR


Taurus Judge  .45 / .410


North American Arms, 1860 - The Earl


North American Arms   Sidewinder .22 mag


North American Arms .22 mag relic