Aug. 1, 1943

 Dear Mother and Dad,

             Hello and how are you folks today?  I hope you are well and having fun so time will pass by quicker.  I have a very good schedule. I work hard two days and  rest the third.  Naturally, conditions over here are not like they are at home. But I knew that before I came over.  I wish I could tell you some of my experiences so far, but I can’t yet.  Maybe you’ll hear of them through other sources.

             Our tent is absolutely fixed perfect.  We had several days off when we first got here and we really did the tent up first class.  It’s nearly like home.  We are on the front, as it were, and just a few minutes to where the other boys are.  So, you see we finally got where we all wanted.  Now, we are sweating out our time to return to the states.  I hope it won’t be over a year.  We have found out they really “play for keeps” over here, and anything goes.  The Aussies tell us it is much worse here than the Middle East.  They had fought both places.  The Japs never surrender and the Germans and Italians do.  We have a big job to do but we think the tide has turned and it is all just a matter of time.  A long time!  This place reminds me very much of the country around Cloudcroft only much more rugged.  A fellow “bailed-out” three miles from the field and it took him a week to get back.

             I named my plane “Carter’s Little Pill”.  How do you like that?  You should see some of the other names.  One is called “Fertile Myrtle”. They put anything on them.  We get a big kick out of that.  They also paint naked women on the sides.  How about that?

             I am getting most of your mail in fourteen days, which is very good time.  Sometimes it takes thirty days.  Even so with Air Mail.  They must send some by boat.  I got a paper the other day that was the Caster paper. Be sure to tell the Reporter to change to APO 929.

             I have been talking to fellows that have from twelve to sixteen Japs to their credit.  They are human just like everyone else.  Some just plain old country boys.

             Mom, I wasn’t sick when we got over here.  We just didn’t have anything to do.  We are working now.

             Guess this is all now.  Will write again tomorrow if I have time.

                                                                                                 All my love,



P.S.  Can you send me some stationary like this?  Please do if you can.  Love, Son