(Now known as Eagle Farm Racecourse)


Photo via Russell Miller and Dave Spethman

Camp Ascot, Brisbane, March 1942. The Camp was built by the Australians
who can be seen in the above photograph waiting for their American guests.


Eagle Farm airfield in the foreground, with Camp Doomben and then Camp Ascot behind it

There were two race tracks near Eagle Farm airfield in Brisbane during World War 2. They were Doomben race course and Ascot race course. They were both taken over and converted to Military Camps. One was known as Camp Doomben and the other was Camp Ascot. The only horse races held in Brisbane during World War 2 were at Albion Park race track.

Camp Doomben in the foreground and Camp Ascot at the rear in 1942.
there are many tents in Camp Ascot but only a few at this stage in
Camp Doomben


Camp Ascot