July 3. 1943

 Dearest Mom & Dad,

             I hope you are well and feeling as well as I am. The food is not as good but I seem to be living on it all right.

             I got your telegram today that you sent on June twelfth.  I think it must have been your first one.  Anyway, you can see how long it takes to get things thru.

             We have started to work now and every one seems to be happier.  By the way, my plane’s name is “Carter’s Li’l Pill”.  How do you like that?  You should see some of the other names!  They are pretty good.

             You asked about my laundry – well, I do my own such as it is but I don’t like it.  But even at that, it is better than the natives do it.

             Please don’t worry because all is in our favor.  ‘Bye now!